i have wondered sometimes

i have wondered sometimes
if this heat
with you

this meltingyearningaching

this rush of
emotion and sensation that
overpowers me

that hovers over me

that forges
my awareness
in a slowwwsinking

so shockingly perfect
i am in awe
of you

and us..

i have wondered
if this colliding of
that we have been

oh god we have been

could withstand
the fire and brimstone
of our own imperfections

of life.

i want

i want to devour you
i want every part of you to vibrate within 
all the spaces inside of me
that have been waiting 
for you

i want to scream out my joy
at being here with you
and how easy
and alive
i feel

i want to touch every moment of you
make you feel encompassed
by my love

i want to burrow inside you
into the spaces
no one else 
to go

when you touch me

you swaddle me
with your love
carefully laying me out
arranging me just so
then gently
but firmly
weaving a rhythm that
sinks into my bones
settles and nestles into my heart
makes my body weep
with joy
with heartache
with the melancholy of a thousand lonely nights

in the midst of this crude, angsty life
you are my warm summer rain


just home from a day and night spent with a dear lover, and pondering again the immense privilege of intimacy with another human… the beauty and healing power of this encounter for me is soul-deep. it will sustain me through my week.


darling you break my heart
each time you make love to me
looking into my eyes
and slowly moving inside of me…
i can feel our hearts expanding and
opening as wide
and lovingly
as saying the words
as your arms wrapping me closer than i thought we could be
as my desire-soaked body pulling you to me
as the impossible spaces we have created for each other

who needs words
when this loving vibrant energy
is wrapping us in feelings so much clearer
than language could articulate?